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The Agile Explorer

Inspiring thoughts, the main post and all the comments…


This post is a stream of consciousness, at 1 am, in a hotel room in Indianapolis.

I had a conversation during a workshop today with a developer, who opened with “what do you know about nuclear power?” and went on to inform me that nuclear power plant workers are trained continually on safety procedures, even if they are seasoned veterans of a plant. Keeping people refreshed with current thinking, and frequent reminders of good practice helps ensure against a melt down. He asked why it was that Agile training tended to be a one shot deal, and told me he had observed in his Agile history that companies started well after a training, and quickly deteriorated, falling back into old behavior. Software companies melt down too, he said.

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People who do Scrum without knowing Scrum 

That’s the title of the session I’m proposing for the program of the first Scrum Gathering that will take place in Buenos Aires on May 23-24, 2012, featuring Alan Cyment and Xavier Quesada Allue as keynote speakers.

Top 5 Scrum Workshop Dont’s


There is a great framework for teaching people about Scrum. It is called Scrum. Oddly, many Scrum trainers and facilitators forget about it, creating very incongruous experiences for the participants. We still get caught up in a training mindset, believing the trainer to be the expert, and expecting the group to hang on to our every word. But teaching Scrum is not training, it is exploration [ref]. There are many good techniques for keeping workshops open, dynamic, Scrum-infected, and engaging. There are also many techniques that should be avoided. I may write something about the former in a future post, but today I am focusing on what not to do. 

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Alan Cyment speaking about communication and the spirit of Scrum. Video from the Amsterdam Scrum Gathering, November 2010.

Scrum Gathering Buenos Aires 2012 (May 23rd and 24th) will feature Alan as a keynote speaker.

Scrum Gathering Buenos Aires 2012 (May 23rd-24th, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The Why of Scrum v2


I presented this latest iteration of The Why of Scrum at a recent BayALN meeting in San Francisco. It builds on the Dogma-free Scrum presentation given in London in October 2011, and complements the recent Agile Anarchy post The Soul of Scrum.

You can see the full-size pdf on Google Docs, here. Feel free to download the document, but if you want to share this presentation in any way please contact me. Thanks. 

Scrum in classroom 

The Soul of Scrum


This article extends and refines the ideas presented in Dogma-free Scrum.

Scrum was designed, and refined for small teams working in a co-located space, willing to innovate and able to get working software out of the door in a rapid fashion. It is s

Agile Anarchy: God is an Agilist 


I saw a comment on a blog I am subscribed to today—on an old post I had cast from my mind. The comment irritated me beyond reason, and I mulled over why it bothered me so much. First, here is the post extract and the comment:

What if I told you that there is a program so complicated that is the…

Random findings

When I was looking for some e-mails I needed to start my working day, I’ve just unintentionally opened the e-mail sent to us by Alan after the CSM training.
Inspirational reading, one more time :)

"Si todo salió bien aprendieron cosas que todavía no saben" 

For all of you non-spanish readers, my best (probably not so good) translation is here:

"If everything went well, you have learned things you still don’t know"

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